Clearing The Air Is A Challenge For Successful Crowdsourcing Campaigns

Crowdsourcing is appealing to both clients and workers in so many ways. Workers have the ability to work from home without constraints. Clients are businesses that have the ability to outsource certain types of work at a reduced cost. While both sides, as well as the crowdsourcing company itself, benefit from the entire business relationship, there are challenges that can be a little frustrating.

Quality of work can be something that requires oversight or supervision by the crowdsourcing company itself. This is personally what I’ve seen to be the most difficult part of any crowdsourcing campaign. One company I worked for was having to constantly reinvent themselves in regards to this. They would put strict measures in place, in essence sacrificing time and money to keep both clients and workers happy. However, the strict requirements proved quite frustrating to workers at times. Our friend owns an air duct cleaning company that did a crowdsourcing campaign, but the person he hired was so disorganized that he ended up taking it over himself.

It appears nowadays that the company has calmed down quite a bit. Sometimes quality control is easier when you’re talking menial tasks that can be considered almost robotic. Yet, the budget would also be thinner. In regards to this specific crowdsourcing company, they also handled and still do handle many content writing projects for major clients. You can imagine quality control can be an issue.