The time I tried my own Crowdfunding campaign

Last winter, there was a mishap in my home and one of my pipes bursts. I am a renter, so my landlord told me that I would be responsible for paying half of the cost. I agreed to it since I knew it was due to my failure to add oil to the tank. The main problem was the fact that I did not have any money to pay for something like that. My solution was to go and start a crowdfunding campaign that detailed the problem and pleaded with everyone to lend me a hand. I only got money from one person who I knew from my old job.

I have seen people ask for money for things that are not even important, yet they have reached their goals and then some. I am starting to notice that there is a formula to having success on these platforms. You should have a sad story complete with children, say something that appeals to those who have a tendency to help others, or be so ridiculous that people give you money in order to thank you for giving them the best laugh they had all week.