The Secret Of Successful Crowd Sourcing Campaigns

There are lots of entrepreneurs who have great ideas. However, only very few of these ideas come to life, the reason being a lack of funding. Venture capitalists are very careful with their investments, so they tend to stay away from all start ups that don’t promise a huge success.

Luckily, there’s an alternative method to get the money needed to put your brilliant ideas into practice. This is crowdfunding or crowd sourcing. This is an opportunity for everybody who believes in an idea to invest in it. I can contribute as much as I can, and I’ll get compensated accordingly. A friend of mine runs a blog (shameless plug: who is dabbling with the idea of running a crowdsourcing campaign to fund his blog so he can get more advertisers, which will help his blog reach more people. Should be interesting.

The only problem I see is that, in order to be successful, a crowd sourcing campaign has to be supported through a solid plan. You need to do in-depth consumer research, and then to develop messages that appeal to this type of individual. Moreover, you need to select your communication channels carefully, and to make sure you are consistent across all of them. This is what big brands do, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do for my next crowd sourcing initiative. If it works, my idea is going to be the next big thing.

How To Run Successful Crowd Sourcing Campaigns

I’m not the best fundraiser of all times. All my previous attempts failed to reach their goals. This time I want things to be different. Getting involved in a crowd sourcing campaign is something I would have never thought possible. Yet, here I am, trying to find funding for an amazing idea that might make me very rich. I’m not going to tell you what my idea is, as I want to keep it secret until the big day when I’m going to start my launch campaign.

As far as I understood, it matters less which platform you use to raise money. I’d go for Kickstarter or Indiegogo, as they are already popular all over the world. What matters most is the campaign in itself, the activities and the exposure you can get, the messages and their power to make people take action.

Since strategic planning and execution play such an important role, I intend to write a series of stories meant to entice people into contributing to the success of my idea. Next, I’m going to promote these stories across all social media channels, in order to gain some traction. If they go viral, my crowd sourcing campaign is surely going to reach its goals.